Top Features Coming To Android


Top Features Coming To Android Unveiled By Google

Google unveils some cool top features for Android. The company showed off a first look at its next mobile software on Tuesday. Among the new innovations from Google are its Android P features, Google Assistant updates, and more.

Andriod P Features

Android P will debut later this year. Users of Android P will will get access to gesture-based navigation, battery saving features, and an impressive new text selection tool that works on photos and the real world.

Google is known for naming its mobile software after candy, and in alphabetical order. They are now up to letter “P”. Although we do not know what its proper name is yet, the company announced a beta version. This version is now available for some phones.

android p

More Features Of The Power Packed Android P

Some Android P features address the problem of liking your phone too much. The company developed a new dashboard which gives insight on how you spend time on your device. It turns on its Do Not Disturb mode when you flip your phone over.

It also has a new app timer which serves as parental control for adults. You will receive a notification and the screen will turn gray if you have been staring at a particular app for too long.

A new mode called Wind Down turns your screen black and white at a set time. This will help you go to sleep. Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the focus on “digital wellbeing” is an ongoing effort across Google Products.

Android P tries to stretch out battery life by prioritizing certain apps and adjusting brightness also.

Additional Update: Google’s New News Apps And Broader View

Google just got its biggest overhaul to date, after being around for fourteen years. The company unveiled a new News app and web version that collects top news, opinion articles and checks facts on national and local stories.

The company said artificial intelligence will be used to analyze each story and make judgement calls about quality and its type. A new view will show the same stories to everyone. But it will get more personalized based on your location, favorite sources, and topic preferences.