Cost of LG’s V30S ThinQ


How Much Does LG’s V30S ThinQ Cost

LG has announced an update on V30S ThinQ, but how much does it cost? Earlier this year LG announced at Mobile World Congress the update of the storage and memory of its V30. But only now are we getting an idea on how much it will cost in the USD.

The V30S ThinQ

Basically, the V30S ThinQ features exactly the same hardware as the V30. The only difference between the two devices is more memory and larger storage options. The V30 has 4GBmemory and a choice between 64GB or 128GB storage.

While the V30S ThinQ has 6GB memory and a storage of 128GB to 256GB. The phone also has the new LG AI cam. This cam is supposed to identify objects in a photo and optimize it for a given scene. These features are coming to older V30 versions. And it should be rolling out soon. But Verizon appears to already received it in their devices.


The cost of LG’s V30S ThinQ

After LG’s announcement earlier this year, we now know how much it costs. B&Hhas listed the V30S ThinQ 128GB version at $929.99. The price for the 256GBversion is not known yet. LG has confirmed the price with CNET. The original V30 Plus 128GB version cost $912 in the US.

You are basically paying a little extra for more memory and a new device. LG has announced a new phone with the same AI cam features. This phone is the LG G7 ThinQ. Its price is not available yet. Presumably it will have the same price point as the V30S ThinQ What LG is doing makes us wonder. What are they going to do with a lot of phones with basically the same features?

Twofold Problem

This introduction of the V30S ThinQ has two problems attached to it. First, the price means it is charging $230 more than the standard LG V30 model. You pay more for e very modest upgrade. Secondly, LG unveiled its latest device, the greatest 2018 smartphone, the LG G7 ThinQ. Although this new Android phone was introduced to the world earlier this year without a price. But LG says it will cost almost the same as the LG G6, roughly $600 to $700,and not $930.