Oath Bloatware for Galaxy S9 Phones


Putting Oath Bloatware on Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Phones

Verizon will be putting Oath bloatware on Galaxy 9 phones. The company has signed a deal with Samsung to preload four apps from Verizon’s Oath brand to Galaxy 9 smartphones. This is part of the company’s ongoing effort to get people to actually watch content from services like Go90.

Apps To Be Preloaded On Galaxy 9

Specifically, the four apps which Verizon will preload on Samsung’s Galaxy 9 smartphones are:

– Oath’s Newsroom
– Yahoo Sports
– Yahoo Finance, and
– Go90 mobile video apps

These apps will be preloaded on the Galaxy 9 and Galaxy 9 Plus. Samsung has confirmed that the preloaded apps will only be coming to the Verizon phones.

Oath bloatware

Other Conditions Of The Deal

Also part of the deal is the integration of native ads from Oath into both the Oath apps and Samsung’s own Galaxy and Game launcher apps. Samsung will share revenue with Oath from the new ads.
It seems like the Oath apps will be Samsung’s premier content partner. Adding things like sports scores from yahoo Sports, news from Newsroom, and stock information from Yahoo Finance into Bixby Home, too.

These integrated ads and Bixby Home content will be coming to all Samsung S9 devices, not just Verizon ones. It will start with the US with an eventual plan to roll them out globally. Meaning, if you are not a Verizon customer and you use an S9, prepare to see more of Verizon and Oath content the future.

Bloatware may not have been invented by Android phone. But Android phone makers and carriers seem to like taking advantage of it. Bloatware is all the extra software apps that come pre-installed in your phones. Most android users do not like having these unwanted apps on their phones. But some carriers do not care about customers’ aversion toward Bloatware.