Android Things For Appliances Launched By Google


Google Launches Android Things For Appliances

Android Things for appliances (and other machines) are launched by Google. This could bring its Google Assistant virtual helper to refrigerators and robots and familiar designs to cash registers and vending machines.

“Android Things”

“Android Things” arrives as Google opens its annual conference for developers. These Android derivatives aim to provide users with a consistent interface across devices. The company and its business partners will then benefit from a standard way to distribute their applications.


Other Uses Of The Android

The company does not charge hardware manufacturers for Android. It expects to generate a return as consumers use new gadgets to use search, watch videos on YouTube and buy from its Play Store.

The Android operating system powers many of the world’s smartphones . And it drives consumers to Google’s cash-minting apps. The company has tried its best to extend Android’s dominance into other areas over the last four years, said technology and financial analysts.

Gone are the days when we used to have the opinion that Android is useless and irrelevant outside phones. The company has developed devices and gadgets using Android. Now the company has “Android Things” which competes with Inc’s Greengrass System and Microsoft’s Windows IoT.

The company says it will guarantee three years of free security patches to hardware makers and paid extended options. It is also considering automated security scans of device makers’ apps.

Android Things will also be used in health technology. Byteflies, Android Things tester, said it viewed the system’s optional integration with Google’s cloud computing service and the large Android developer community as big advantages.

Startups and agencies are also using Android Things to prototype innovative ideas for diverse set of use-cases, including monitoring gadgets and smart billboard screens.

Android automotive is gaining attention from Indian car makers and automakers from Brazil.

Other Gadgets Google Hope Android Things Will Run On

The company has worked closely with partners in the last few months. This is to bring products built on Android Things to market. These include Smart Speakers from LG, and iHome and Smart Displays from Lenovo, LG, and JBL. They showcase powerful capabilities like Google Assistant and Google Cast. These products will be out in the market between now and the end of summer.