What Was The First Technology Invention


The First Technology Invention

We sometimes wonder about what the first technology invention is. With the rate technology is going, we often take for granted the little details. These little details might have a great contribution to the status of technology today.

The First Invention In Technology

Writing was the technology that allowed us to outsource and store knowledge externally. Advancement in technology continue with civilizations that develop writing. It is considered as the first technology by necessity as it is the means of recording technological advances.


The First Tangible Invention

Probably we can say that the first tangible invention were the spear and club. These tools helped in the advancement of technology, and the invention of the wheel.

The Challenges Of This Question

The problem with this kind of question is that there is no definite answer for it. If we look back, technology during the primitive times consisted of spears and bone clubs, stone blades, and lot of other cool, primitive technology and of course, the wheel, and before this, fire.

The most primitive technology, however, could not be preserved. Spears and clubs can be used until it breaks. Stone blades, if left behind, may be picked up by other campers. Campers may bring along with them whatever things they find making it difficult to trace the beginnings of technology.

The First Inventions After Primitive Times

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876. But many inventors before Bell had worked on the development of the telephone. Thomas Edison invented the working phonograph in 1877. Elisha Graves Otis invented the elevator in 1861. Christopher Latham Sholes invented the typewriter with QWERTY keyboard in 1868.

In Conclusion

The question of what the first invention when it comes to technology does not have a definite answer.

Pre-historic people used these crude tools to invent things. Until now, some of them leave us in awe. Take fire for example. Fire is a powerful tool. and if used improperly may cause disaster.

Still, it will be very hard to give a specific answer for this question. But it might be safe to say that fire, spears, stone blades, and the wheel were probable the first inventions. And that these inventions led to the advancement of technology.