Amazon Launches $80 Echo Dot Kids Edition With Parental Controls

Echo Dot Kids Edition

Amazon just unveiled the Echo Dot Kids Edition priced at $79.99 and will start shipping next month.

Echo Dot Kids Edition

The retail giant is expanding their hardware offerings with a new gadget. The Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition is basically the same as the original Echo Dot but with a “worry-free” guarantee”.

The Echo Dot Kids Edition takes the original device’s design but wrapped it in a kid-friendly, colourful case. Amazon will replace the units when broken, no questions asked.

The regular Dot costs $49, while this version is priced slightly higher at $79.99. Perhaps because it comes bundled with 2-year warranty and a free one year subscription to the Amazon FreeTime Unlimited.

Inclusions fo the FreeTime Unlimited include access to several kid-focused skills and 300 kid-friendly Audible audiobooks. It also gives access to ad-free radio stations for kids such as Radio Disney and Nick Radio. This bundle will work on the Echo, Echo Dot, or the Echo Plus too.

Targeted towards, the Echo Dot Kids Edition comes with a strong parental control through the Parent Dashboard. This includes setting time limits for Alexa usage, setting bed time and explicit lyrics filter for music. Parents are also able to review time and usage of the device and disable voice shopping to prevent accidental purchases.

The Echo Dot Kids Edition is now available for pre-order and will start shipping May 9th. The Amazon FreeTime Unlimited will also be available for purchase to consumers with existing Echo speakers through a software update on the same day.