Android P: What Would Be Its Name?


Android P: What Will It Be Called?

Android P is coming, and speculations for its name starts. Let us focus on the eventual nickname for “P”. This will be heading to a device you probably do not own yet from mid-2018.


Possible Nicknames For “P”

Petit Four is out of the question. Android nerds would know that there already was an Android “Petit Four”. Before Google settled for alphabetical desserts, the internal name of Android 1.1 was that.

What about Android 9.0 Pound Cake. A Pound cake is a very simple dessert. No intricate cake layers or attractive, colorful toppings. So it may not best describe and represent Android P.

Another possible nickname for “P” would be Pastille. Pastilles are hard, gum-like, chewy candies. They are often dusted with sugar and are sometimes used for medicinal purposes. Tiny Android sweets with different colors is easy to envision. So pastille may be a decent outside bet.

More Possible Options For The Nickname

Android 9.0 Popsicle is the next suggestion. This will be the next frozen dessert since 2011’s Ice Cream Sandwich. This is a more likely candidate. Most of the world is familiar with the colored sugar water, frozen into a mold and held with a stick.

Next on the list is Pancake. Most people love pancakes. Especially if they are topped with maple syrup, nutella, jelly, or what-have-yous. The pancake is a significant achievement of human civilization. It has the mainstream appeal to promote Google’s next OS to the masses.

What can you say about Profiterole? This is a light pastry, consisting mostly of air. The pastry is combined with whipped cream, and again, more air occupying much of the space. Compared to the other desserts, profiteroles don’ really do anything.

Puff Pastry is another possible nickname for “P”. Puff Pastry is not really a dessert though. Since it is a sweet treat for the people, at least it’s got that going for it.

Here comes “P” for Pecan PIe, Pumpkin Pie, Anything else in a Pie. Internally, Lollipop was Lemon Meringue Pie. Kitkat was Key Lime Pie internally. Pecan and pumpkin may be the most popular choices. But there is also peach pie and pirogue pie.

Which Will Be The Best Nickname For Android P

There is no decision yet as to what the choice for the name is. Let us wait for now. We will know what the result will be in just under a year.