Top Companies Which Hire Foreign Workers


Top Companies Hiring Foreign Workers

Here are the top companies which hire foreign workers. Some companies prefer hiring foreign workers as they believe that they are more industrious and loyal. But most of these companies do not discriminate.

Mahindra Satyam

Mahindra sponsored 2,310 foreign workers and paid them an average salary of $70,495. The company has offices world wide. Among these offices are eight in the United States.

Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young is not just a US company. It has three offices in Kerala, India alone. They sponsored 2,316 H-1B workers last year. They paid these workers an average of $86,428.


Accenture sponsored 2,653 foreign workers and paid them an average salary of $72,704. Accenture’s headquarters is in Dublin, Ireland. But they also have offices elsewhere, like the one in India.


L&T Infotech

L&T Infotech’s office is in Bangalore, India. They sponsored 3,253 workers and paid them an average salary of $59,241.


Microsoft hired 4,067 workers on temporary H-1Bs last year. Microsoft’s Bill Gates has been a big proponent in increasing the number of allowable visas for foreign workers in the US. His Company paid these workers an average salary of $109,566.

Deloitte Consulting

This company sponsored 4,735 foreign people in 2012. Deloitte paid them an average salary of $98,305.


6,190 highly skilled immigrant workers were brought in by IBM last year. They paid the workers $82,630 on average salary.

Tata Consultancy

India’s Tata Consultancy Services sponsored 6,732 foreign workers. The company paid these workers an average salary of $64,350.


Wipro is from India. The company brought 7,178 workers to the U.S. last year. They paid them around $76,920 on average salary.


Infosys is also known as Infy. This company is, so far, the biggest sponsor of foreign skilled workers. They brought in around 15,800 workers on H-1B visas last year. Infy paid these workers an average salary of $75,062.

These companies should be commended for giving foreign workers the chance to work and earn the honest way. Discrimination is out of the question for these companies as they hire workers regardless of their nationality.

Foreign workers also have the right to find decent jobs to support not only themselves, but their families as well. These companies which hire foreign workers have helped them realized their dreams. Dreams of a better life and a better future for them and for their families.