Samsung has recently launched 970 Evo, and 970 Pro drives that promise to deliver better speed performance. Both the 970 Evo and 970 Pro could actually hit a peak 3,500MB/s sequential read speeds of the 960 line.


Here’s what you need to know about Samsung’s 970 Evo, 970 Pro


Samsung said that its 970 Evo offers a faster speed of 2,500MB/s sequential write rate, while the 970 Pro which is quicker still at 2,700MB/s, respectively. The company further added that both the two drives offer stable endurance. In fact, Samsung’s 970 Evo now supports up to 1,200TB of written data.


“The 970 series sets a new bar in all aspects of the NVMe SSD market with groundbreaking performance, superior reliability and best-in-class capacity. The Samsung 970 PRO and EVO are designed based on the M.2 form factor standard and with the latest PCIe Gen 3×4 lane interface,” Samsung said in a statement.


“The 970 series maximizes the potential of NVMe bandwidth, delivering unparalleled performance for processing large volumes of data, including 3D, 4K graphics work, high-end games and data analytics,” the company added.


Both the 970 Evo and 970 Pro would be available globally on May 7. According to Samsung, both the 970 PRO and EVO also “provide greater system design flexibility for the high-performance computing systems.”


“Offering a variety of high capacity options in a compact M.2 form factor – including the single-sided 2TB EVO model – the 970 series enables convenient storage expansion across a wide range of computing devices,” said Samsung.


Regarding the price of the two SSD models, the Evo product line up would be sold for $120 for a 250GB drive with capacities of 500GB ($230), 1TB ($450) and 2TB ($850). Meanwhile, the price of the Pro series starts at $330 for a 512GB variant and jumps to $630 for 1TB.