Get Both Spotify and Hulu Subscription for Just $12.99 A Month

Spotify and Hulu Bundle for $12.99
(Credit: TechCrunch)

Users can now save $5 with Spotify and Hulu’s $12.99 entertainment bundle.

Spotify and Hulu Bundle for $12.99
(Credit: TechCrunch)

Spotify and Hulu teamed up last September to offer a discounted bundle for students. Now, the two companies are expanding their partnership to offer a similar bundle to all consumers.

The plan is for $12.99 per month for a Spotify Premium and a video-on-demand Hulu Limited Commercials plan. For existing Spotify Premium users, they can do a three-month trial of Hulu for an extra $0.99 before deciding to make a full switch to the bundle.

Spotify and Hulu prices
(Source: Spotify)

On their own, Spotify Premium costs $9.99 month while a Hulu subscription costs $7.99 per month. Getting the bundle would save you $4.99 every month which is a very good deal. Spotify is handling the billing for both.

With the bundle, Spotify Premium users get access to on-demand music and personalised playlists. Additionally, they will have access to over 75,000 TV shows on Hulu’s on-demand video library.

This is a very good move for Spotify since Apple is reportedly planning to introduce a TV subscription service with their Apple Music.

Initially, only current Spotify Premium users in the US can avail of this deal. However, both companies say that everyone will be able to sign up for the deal later this summer.