OTG Capable Phones Can Do What?


Functions Of OTG Capable Phones

USB On-the-go or OTG capable phones have very useful functions. This is one of the most exciting features of smartphones. A USB OTG compatible device is competent to act as a controller or host of other USB devices. Using SD card and other card readers on smartphones are very common with OTG adapter. Most Android smartphones have OTG features available in them. But older phones lack this feature.

Unusual Functions Of USB OTG Capable Phones

USB OTG CAPABLE SMARTPHONES CAN CHARGE OTHER PHONES. This may sound new to us, but yes, it can do just that. Just connect two phones, one with OTG dongle (which will serve as the power source) and the other with a power cable ( which will go on charging mode).

VOICE RECORDING. You can use your smartphone’s microphone to record audio clips on your Windows or Mac. Simply attach your phone through OTG and utilize your phone’s microphone to record audio via PC software. You can also attach professional microphone to your smartphone using the OTG adapter.

Otg capable

YOU CAN USE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Aside from voice recording, you can make your own music on smartphones. Musical instruments can be connected usually with Computer via MIDI Standard. You can connect your MIDI controllers to your smartphone using your OTG cable. But you need to download applications like TouchDAW to be able to use your MIDI controllers properly.

TRIGGER THE GAMER IN YOU. Many like to play games on their smartphones using gaming consoles/controllers. You can connect these controllers to your smartphone through the OTG and bring your gaming experience to the next level.
USE MOUSE OR KEYBOARD. Typing on a touchscreen device is uncomfortable to others. You can use a keyboard (and a mouse) if your phone is OTG capable. You can then type and do your work faster using the keyboard connected to your smartphone.

USE USB ACCESSORIES. USB accessories like portable fan, LED lights, and others work quite well with smartphones when connected via OTG.

USE YOUR ETHERNET/LAN ON SMARTPHONES. Wi-Fi is a good option to access high speed internet on your smartphones. Still the speed is affected when you go further away from the Wi-Fi router. You can use your home broadband directly on your smartphone. You can do this by plugging both your USB cable and USB Ethernet.

CONNECT 3G/46 USB INTERNET DONGLE. To use the 3G/4G dongle with your smartphone, you have to download an app. This app is PPP Widget 3 from Play Store. Connect the dongle to your phone using OTG cable. Select PPP Widget to pair the device with the dongle. Enter the internet dial-up settings received from your ISP. Hit the connect button and you can then enjoy high-speed internet.
PRINT DIRECTLY FROM YOUR SMARTPHONE. Connect the printer to your phone using the OTG cable. Install the PrintShare app on your phone. It will automatically pick up the latest drivers from your USB printer. A simple tap on the print option in the app and it is done.

CONNECT CAMERA. You can connect your cameras directly to your smartphone, so you can transfer pictures directly to your phone without the usual, tedious process of doing it.

These are some of the unpopular (and probably unknown to some) functions and/or features of USB OTG capable phones. Now that you know, why not try it out on your smartphones.