Consumers nowadays are looking for the display HDR certification, a seal of excellent standard monitory performance. To date, only Philips was able to get the HDR certification for its 43-in Momentum.


Philips’ Momentum gets HDR1000 approval


Philips’ Momentum is the first TV to have the HDR1000 approval. The company’s TV boasts its amazing 1,000 cd/m2 brightness, deep blacks, 10-bit color depth and an HDR-compliant color gamut, among others.


In short, if you will buy Philip’s Momentum, you get to experience the Quantum Dot technology. This is Quantum Dot tech is the same technology that is similar to Samsung’s QLED TVs and monitors.

Philip Momentum

What’s amazing with this TV is that it also features an Ambiglow technology. The Ambiglow technology displays a halo of light on your walls and floors. Going back to the DisplayHDR, presently there are three standards to select from— the DisplayHDR 400, 600 and 1000, respectively.


Tech users claim that DisplayHDR levels should support a 955:1 contrast ratio, 10-bits per color of image processing, as well as cinema-quality color gamuts. Obviously, all these ideal specs are good if you are watching HDR movies on Blu-ray or Netflix.


In addition to these technologies, Philips also offers its customers a capability that allows them to connect a PC and set-top box known as the MultiView. By doing so, you can switch easily between tow devices.


You can buy the Momentum 436M36 for only $1,000 as the price is almost the same as other DisplayHDR monitors on the market today.