Best Mobile Apps For 2018


Best Mobile Apps For This Year

A lot of mobile apps are available this year, and here are some of the best mobile apps. This was based on the number of downloads and users these apps have for 2018.


WhatsApp Messenger

This app comes free with Facebook. WhatsApp does everything. Its video calling piece is in beta testing. You might be surprised to know that you friends are into it. WatsApp is a fast and easy way to keep in touch and chat with your friends. With this app, you can send and receive photos, videos, documents, and voiced messages.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is a daily weather app. This app’s predictive weather notifications will keep the rain and snow from keeping you off guard. If you are using this app, you will always be prepared for whatever weather conditions the day might have. With the help of Dark Sky, you will no longer find your self wearing a sundress during a heavy downpour.


Fitbit is considered to be the best fitness app. It is the easiest way to track daily exercises. It can log your daily food intake. Fitbit offers the ultimate in fitness gamification. You can even challenge your friends. So stay healthy and be fit with Fitbit.

PicsArt Photo Studio

Considered to be the best photo app, PicsArt Photo Studio delivers in an easy to use and attractive app. There is pretty much you can do with a photo. You can do Mash ups, filters,shape overlays, collages, and frames. Plus, PicsArt supports raw pictures. This means you do not need the in-app buys. This app will test your imagination. It will allow you to turn ordinary photos into unique works of art.


This is considered as the best music app. Spotify makes it easy to find new music. You can even connect with your friends using themed playlists. These themes may be for genres, moods, and weekly highlights of new tunes picked just for you. So enjoy a pleasurable listening experience with Spotify.

Nova Launcher

This is one of the best Android launchers that has been in Play Store for many years. Nova launcher has been around for over half a decade. While scores of launchers have risen and fallen at that time, Nova launcher has remained if front of the pack.

The launcher is smooth and lightweight. It has tons of customizations. Numerous icon packs are available in the Play Store to change its looks.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an artificial personal assistant. Developed by Google, this artificial personal assistant allows its user to communicate, navigate, and get a lot of things done. You can use your Google Assistant on your Android or iOS devices. It is available for all kinds of Android smartphones that run Android Marshmallow, Nougat, or Oreo. Google Assistant is also available even for smartwatches.

Google Drive

This app is a massive cloud storage service that gives you free space to store and access your files in the cloud platform. You can browse through all the files and folders you saved in your Drive. You can also share, move, download, rename, or print any files from the application.

These are some of the best mobile apps for 2018 which you should try out. These apps are popular with everyone. And this popularity is what made these apps the best. Mobile apps are there for you to enjoy and they can help make your mobile experience easier. For those who have not tried these apps yet, better download them now. And experience the feeling of being “in” and updated with advancements in technology.