Windows 10

Software giant Microsoft has attempted to develop Windows 10 S. The Windows 10 S is actually a lighter version of Windows 10. However, the Windows 10 S did not go well because it lacks the best features of the Windows 10.


Microsoft is working on a new OS


This time, Microsoft is again on the second attempt to develop a lighter version of the Windows 10. Called as the Windows 10 Lean. The news comes after Windows Central reported that Microsoft is planning to release a 2GB lighter version of either Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro.


Windows 10

Sources, as cited in the Windows Central, claim that Microsoft wants that the OS would be able to support updates both for low-end tablets and laptops with only 16GB of storage capacity.


However, the company’s Windows 10 Lean is expected to lack with core components. These components are the Registry Editor, Paint, 3D Viewer, Skype, People and Internet Explorer, among others. What’s good with Windows 10 Lean is its capability to support legacy apps from beyond the Microsoft Store.



Meanwhile, tech users claim that the Microsoft’s new OS was spotted in the latest Redstone 5 builds. As of posting, Microsoft has yet to issue a statement about the upcoming OS.