Hidden Amazon Page Teases Upcoming Fire TV Cube

Fire TV Cube

The retail giant finally confirms the existence of a new Fire TV Cube device.

Fire TV Cube

Amazon just showed a teaser for their soon-to-be released Fire TV Cube. It was found in a splash page link in the company’s email subscription page as reported by AFTVNews.

Last year, rumours of two Fire TV devices were making rounds on the internet. In a leaked photo published by AFTNews, a square-shaped Fire TV dongle and a cube-shaped set top box were featured. The former actually turned out to be real and was released as the 2017 Amazon Fire TV. The latter, we’re assuming, is the Fire TV Cube.

There really is no other detail known about the device besides the cryptic message asking “What is Fire TV Cube?” The simple image shows the text backlit by a blue line. This is an obvious reference to the same blue ring of light on their Echo devices. From this we can infer that the device would most likely be powered by Alexa.

Amazon didn’t share any dates on the availability as well but as it is already somewhat featured in its website, it could be this year. For the price tag, the Fire TV Cube could be in the range of $100, basing on how they price their Echo devices.

We’ll give you more updates as we get them so stay tuned!