Keeping Your Smartphone Under Your Pillow


Keeping Your Phones Under Your Pillow When You Sleep

Keeping your phones under your pillow when you sleep is very dangerous. And it is strongly not advised. As it is a very dangerous practice for most of us, it has dangerous effects.


Effects Of Having A Phone Under Your Pillow

There are a lot of dangerous effects in having a phone under your pillow when you sleep. Experts do not advise us to do this. Cellphones have radiation. And radiation can have various effects on us, especially on our health.

The most common effect is that it will have adverse effects on your brain. But yet it remains unknown if it is connected with brain cancer or brain tumors. But one thing is sure. According to experts, sleeping with a cellphone under you pillow or even just near your head is not good. There is this possibility of over exposure to potentially harmful radiation. Cellphones emit electromagnetic radiation whenever they are on. So sleeping with or near it is a very bad idea.

Another effect of sleeping with a cellphone under your pillow is that, according to doctors, it alters the activity of your brain. If you keep on doing this practice, or habit for most of us, your brain becomes affected. Not only may it possibly cause brain cancer or brain tumors. It will also affect the normal functions of your brain. You may not be able to think properly. Or your sense of balance may be affected, etcetera.

As the brain controls, if not all, almost all of our bodily functions, it may disable us. Doctors not only advise against us sleeping with our cellphones under our pillows. But they are also warning us about carrying our cellphones on our pockets. According to them, carrying our phones inside our pockets is also not good. Because the cellphone’s radiation may affect our reproductive system.

What To Do

Experts advise us that if we really do need to keep our phone near us, turn it to airplane mode. But still do not put it under your pillow. Just keep it near you. But the safest thing to do is simple. Just turn off your phone.