Fortnite Mobile for iOS Users is Out


Fortnite Mobile Now Available For iOS

Fortnite mobile is now out for everyone on iOS. Epic Games has wrapped up its invite only to iOS users test for Fortnite Mobile. While Android users continue to await for word on when they will be able to get access. If you have a supported iOS device, you can try this now popular game entirely free on tablets and phones.

Since its debut on the test in March, Fortnite has been a free download in the iOS app store. But only those who were granted access by Epic Games can actually log in. If you have not been granted access yet, you can visit Epic’s websites to create an account.

Fortnite mobile

Supported iOS Device For Fortnite Mobile

You can only play Fortnite Mobile if your iOS is supported. Here is a list of supported iOS devices:

● iPhone SE
● iPhone 6S
● iPhone 7
● iPhone 8
● iPhone X
● iPad Mini 4
● iPad Air 2
● iPad 2017
● iPad Pro

It is unfortunate for owners of devices which are not supported. Devices like iPhone 5S, 6, and 6 plus; the iPad Air, Mini 2, Mini 3; or the iPad Touch. If you do not have the proper hardware, Fortnite Mobile presents a surprisingly complete version of the game, with weekly challenges and all. The game holds up decently in comparison with the Xbox One X version.

There is still no specific word on the Android version of Fortnite Mobile. Although Epic Games says it is coming, we have no idea how soon it will be. We presume though that with the iOS testing completed, they can probably turn their attention and focus on Android. Although ongoing issues still have stats disabled on all platforms.

What Made Fortnite Popular

The beginning of the year brought good news for Epic, as Fortnite experienced a meteoric rise in both sales, popularity, and recognition. The game’s pure fun factor and Epic’s break neck update cycles contribute to thee popularity of the game. This is the reason why Fortnite remain on the forefront of the online multiplayer scene since it’s launch in September 2017.