Indiegogo Backed PUP Scan: One Click Smart Scanning, Storing and Sharing


The PUP Scan is definitely, not your mother’s scanner. In fact, this smart, sleek, portable gadget would look quite at home in a Mission Impossible movie or in Elon Musk’s car. But don’t let its miniature size and handsome features deceive you: the PUP Scan is definitely beauty, brains, and brawn. Renaud Pelissier and company exceeded their Indiegogo campaign back in 2016 by 364% and for may good reasons. The PUP Scan is perfect for business and personal use – especially in this photo savvy age of Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. This is the one-click gadget for people on the go who can’t be hindered by wires or distance.

If you were doing business outside the comfort of your office and need to take snaps of documents, contracts, drawings, books, maps, receipts, or plans, it is truly awkward to take shots using your smartphone. Not only are the results unprofessional (skewed, badly lit, distorted, blurred), you would also need to take the photos in parts if the original document is large. Putting them together like a puzzle using some third party software is a waste of time, especially for those, who are techno-challenged. Your smartphone also couldn’t self-adjust to the figure or paper’s diameters – leaving you with a lot of distracting background space. Why does that matter? If there is marked color-contrast between the document and background, you end up with poorly exposed images.

You can say goodbye to all that now with the PUP Scan. It’s the only hand-held scanner that is fast and takes high-quality scans that are true to the color of the original. In fact, low-light situations are not an issue. The scanner adjusts to the size of the document being scanned (autocrop sizes A3-A8) so images are clean and sharp. It is connected so scans can be sent to the cloud conveniently, securely, and in real time. It even scans from OCR to Word! Perfect for scanning, storing, printing and sharing documents without the hassle of plugging into an outlet or messing with many cables.

The power of the click is yours with the PUP Scan – this automatic, standalone wonder (no need to connect to your smartphone or PC) runs on a long-lasting battery that could last up to 8 hours. With an offline memory of 2,000 pages, resolution of 13.2 MP and up to 1200 DPI, the capability to scan multiple pages to PDF or Word, Mozaic feature perfect for large sizes like posters and send in color or B & W, the PUP Scan is poised to be one of the most functional gadgets for the modern home or office.

It is projected to sell at $389 but you can pre-order for $299 (free shipping worldwide) with estimated delivery by June 2018.

Currently, even while in the prototype stage, over 50 units have been claimed by delighted clients and you can be the next one.