Phones Which Are Considered as the Highest Selling Mobiles


Highest Selling Phones Of All Time

Highest selling phones of all time are still popular these days. There are a lot of smartphones in the market today. More devices, more competition. But if your product is of good quality, regardless of the competition, your product will prevail.

Here are some phones with the highest selling rates in the market.

iPhone 4s

This phone marked Siri’s introduction. The phone did not represent a major step from the iPhone 4, except for the voice assistant. It looked practically the same with a beefed-up processor and a better camera. But it was the first iPhone to be released across all four major wireless carriers in the United States. It also sported a wide global release.

iPhone 5

This iPhone 4s’ successor boasts of a larger 4 – inch display. The form factor proved to be so popular that Apple continued to use it in the iPhone SE four years later. iPhone 5’s sale became impressive because it was discontinued after only twelve months in the market. It was then replaced by iPhone 5c. But still iPhone 5 sold over 70 million units during those twelve months. Its successors continue to sell up to now.


Samsung Galaxy S4

The Galaxy S4 capitalized on the popularity of the Galaxy S3. It has the same design but with an upgraded hardware. The new features of the Galaxy S4 are software based. It has the ability to detect when a finger is hovering above the screen and advance eye tracking. Despite its unpopularity among critics, the phone managed to hit over 10 million in just 27 days, half the time of its predecessor. It went to sold over 80 million units.

Nokia 5230

This entry-level phone was released by Nokia in 2009. The phone did not have Wi-Fi capabilities, had a 3.2 inch touchscreen, and a low resolution camera. It ran Nokia’s Symbian OS. Its low price was what made it a hit in the emerging market. Because it lacks some features, Nokia was able to keep its price low thus boosting its sales. Nokia was able to sell 150 million units before Nokia 5230 was discontinued.

Apple iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus

The iPhone 6 is a major step up of the iPhone 5s. It came in two sizes – 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. This satisfied a pent up demand on large-screen iPhones. iPhone 6 is the first iPhone with a near-field communications chip. This enabled Apple to introduce Apple Play. The iPhone 6 became extremely popular in China. It increased its sales by 84% in the region. Apple has sold more than 200 million iPhone 6 units.

These are the top grossers when we talk of selling rates. Maybe you can consider having one of these phones when you decide to buy a new phone.