Happy 10th Birthday to These Games


Games Which Celebrates a Happy Birthday After 10 Years

There are games which celebrated their 10th birthday. Many video games have celebrated not only its 10th but even up to its 40th anniversary. But let us stick with those which we can say Happy 10th Birthday!


Medal of Honor : Airborne

Medal of Honor : Airborne celebrated its 10th birthday September 2017. This is the eleventh game of the franchise. When released in 2017, Medal of Honor was the first game to release on Xbox 360. The levels take you to France, Italy, and Germany. This is a game which puts you in the shoes of a fictional World War 2 Paratrooper named Boyd Travers. This first-degree shooter received fair reviews. It got a Metacritic score of 73. Since then EA released two Medal of Honor Games for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The latest is Medal of Honor : Warfighter in 2012.


This game first came to the Xbox 360 on September 7, 2007 in North America. A week after, it was released in Europe. On September 18, the PC version was released on both territories. The PlayStation 3 version was released a month after.
The game is a third-person shooter. It got a Metacritic average of 77 across Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. After several sequels, however, developers Midway Games filed for bankruptcy in 2009 after making heavy losses for years.

Donkey Kong : Jungle Climber

Donkey Kong : Jungle Climber was released on September 10 in North America on Nintendo DS. It was released initially in Japan a month before. The game used dual screens of the Nintendo DS to show more of the level at once. This was meant to be a sequel for Donkey Kong : King of the Swing on the Game Boy Advance. It included a four-person multiplayer mode. And with the Nintendo Switch performing well, it may not be long until we see the Donkey Kong franchise again.

Fatal Inertia

Fatal Inertia was an Xbox 360 exclusive for just over nine months. Releasing on the Microsoft console September 11 in North America and Europe. This game from Koei is a futuristic vehicle racing game set in the 22nd century.

Heavenly Sword

This is a PlayStation 3 exclusive hack and slash game from the Ninja Theory. It released in North America in September 2007. It was a single player game that revolved around martial arts and melee combat.

These are just some of the games which had their 10th anniversary. May these games stay on and conquer the gaming world and celebrate their “nth” anniversaries.