AI and Robots Won’t Be Destroying A Lot Of Careers


Artificial Intelligence also known as AI And Robots Will Not Destroy Jobs

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots will not destroy a lot of jobs. It is a misconception that AI and robots will destroy jobs. In some cases, probably it will, but not “destroy” literally.

Why not?

Despite the advances in technology, the possibility of Artificial Intelligence and robots taking over all jobs is false. According to experts, technology replacing human workers is not possible. Although production rate of human workers have decreased throughout the years, this is not reason enough for workers to be replaced by robots.


Some jobs may need the services of robots and AI, but still human interference is needed to make these robots and AI function properly. Even these advanced technology need humans to operate them or program them to make them functional.

Other jobs require the “human touch”. This feature cannot be provided by robots and Artificial Intelligence. But let us face it though. The reality of what is going on around us is that technology like robots and artificial intelligence may replace workers whose jobs may be performed by robots and AI. But this does not mean that it will destroy those jobs.

Robots and artificial intelligence are there to help workers in the jobs, especially if it comes to production. Robots work faster but it may not assure us of a flawless and perfect output. In production despite of quality control being done by machines in most cases, human workers to do quality control still exist. In some situations, products checked by machines for quality control are being re-checked by humans.

Who Caused The Panic

A lot of workers panicked because of this false and misleading report. Let us be optimistic about this breakthrough though. Workers grow old and their work performances may be affected. But this does not mean that they will be replaced by robots. The solution for workers slowing down on productivity as they grow old does not mean they will be replaced by robots. The positive side if it is that the workers will have a lesser work load as some of their tasks will be done by robots. But this does not mean they will be replaced.

I guess we can come to the conclusion though that robots and AI will not destroy jobs. Instead, they will work “hand-in-hand” with human workers to make productivity better.