Software giant Microsoft has reportedly rolled out a new update for Xbox One Insiders. These updates include an improved audio and video option resolution settings.

Xbox One users who are enrolled in Microsoft Xbox One Insiders Program are given experimented updates before it would be rolled out publicly.


Xbox One has an improved audio, video features


Microsoft Xbox One users are quick to check a changelog posted by Bradey, an Xbox Insider team leader. The changelog could be seen on the Xbox News portal.


Xbox One

The software giant said that Xbox One users belong to the Insider program could test out the recent update. The Xbox One update features a 1440p render output for Xbox One S and Xbox One X. If you are an Xbox One player, I am sure that you are one of those who requested the 1440p output.

Having that feature allows players to view broadcasted media and video content, among others. Also, it could allow players to stream media at native 2560 x 1440p output.

Moreover, if you are using Xbox One One X, you can actually play games with 2560 x 1440p video setting. However, there’s a big setback for those players using 4K displays set at 3840 x 2160. Bradley explained that the HD video quality upgrade has more than 1 million pixels when compared to the 1920 x 1080p resolution.

Apart from the video resolution upgrades, Microsoft’s Xbox One has a new form of interactivity using Mixer. This would mean that you can play co-op games with other viewers. The new feature, according to Microsoft, is actually similar to PlayStation 4’s Share-Play feature.