Chinese mobile company Xiaomi will soon be selling their smartphones in the U.S this year. The news comes following the release of The Wall Street Journal report, saying Xioami is taking an aggressive step to boost its expansion in the West.


The Beijing-based company’s Chairman Lei Jun said that the company has been considering to enter the U.S market. “We plan to start entering the market by end 2018, or by early 2019,” Jun said.


Xiaomi’s expansion in the West won’t be easy


Jun also acknowledged that Xiaomi’s expansion in the West wouldn’t be smooth sailing. He said that Xiaomi would attempt to learn also both laws and regulations. He added that the company would also study how the market, customers behave in the coming months.


In case you don’t know that Xiaomi has already sold several products in the US. These products include an Android TV set-top box, an Mi TV at various Walmart locations across the US. The company also sells two headphone models, a battery pack as well as a robot coding kit at Amazon.


But Xiaomi’s success would solely depend on the various US mobile carries if they would be given a chance to sell their smartphones in the US. It can be recalled that the US government has raised some security concerns over Huawei’s plan to engage in the US market.


The Chinese mobile company was set to launch its flagship Mate 10 Pro in the US, but eventually, the deal did not push through with AT&T because of national security issues. Tech users, however, have expressed their support to Xiaomi’s plan despite the already crowded market in the US.


To name a few brands, Samsung and Apple were able to capture a solid market, competing with to another Chinese company ZTE.