WhatsApp Messages May Be Deleted After An Hour


Delete Those Annoying and Humiliating WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp messages can be deleted an hour after they were sent. The change in settings was done by WhatsApp quietly.

First to notice the change was WABetaInfo. They noticed that the usual time for deleting messages was changed. The old setting for deleting messages was seven minutes. It has been changed to one hour, eight minutes and sixteen seconds.

The change came with iOS update 2.18.31 for iPhone users. No statement or comment was given by WhatsApp yet for the “Delete for Everyone” option. This means more time for users to delete their messages. For group chat, it can mean a whole batch of messages may be deleted. This is even before other group members read it. But although it has been deleted, a note will remain to notify the other parties in the chat that a message has been sent.

WhatsApp does not have a secret conversation like other related apps. The longer period, however, to delete massages somehow helps WhatsApp have a more temporary conversation.

The “Delete for me “ and “Delete for everyone” options were first introduced to WhatsApp last October. Messages then can be deleted seven minutes after it has been sent.

Express UK said that there are other hidden features in WhatsApp aside from the extended deleting time. A recent update now allows users to watch YouTube clips directly from the WhatsApp window. This can also be done even when the user is exchanging messages and even switch conversations. That is, the user does not have to close the YouTube window.

Decorating photos sent within the app with unique stickers, along with their location and current time. Just like in Instagram.

Soon users can also send not only messages but they can also send money without leaving the app. According to WhatsApp they are trying to roll out this feature. Wireless money transfer was successful after a beta trial. This will be launched in India first before the rest of the world.