Free Games Via Twitch


Want Something Free? Here Are Some Free Games Via Twitch!

Free games via Twitch. This is the latest prime perk by Amazon. When it comes to offering free stuff in return for a yearly subscription, Amazon is the master. It is slowly spreading to Twitch which Amazon acquired in 2014. This brings us to its latest perk, free games from Twitch every month.

The Free Games with Prime offers comes off the back of a very successful Twitch Prime Indie Amplifier. This is based on the explanation of Twitch Blog. During the promotion people were asked to watch special streams and shows to learn about a number of indie games. Votes were then cast for their favorite games. Voting was closed last March 11. A winner was picked, and Prime members got the winning game for free.

Starting March 15, all Prime + Twitch members will enjoy free games every month. Expect to get Superhot and Oxenfree for free and to keep forever if you subscribe now. Twitch also decided to offer all eight Indie Amplifier games for free over the next few months. These games include Shadow Tactics and Candlekeep. First to appear this month is Tomb to Annihilation.

Finally, Prime members will also get beat ‘em up Mr. Shifty for free this month. There will be a total of five free games for March.

Twitch announced that these games will be free for April:

• Tales from the Borderlands
• SteamWorld Dig 2
• Kingsway
• Tokyo 42
• Dubwars

You will get Twitch Prime included if you are already paying for Amazon Prime. If you have not signed up yet, make sure you do. You will enjoy the benefits of membership and the free games.

These games are there for Prime users to keep. This is the first time Amazon and Twitch have used their partnership to hand out games on a regular basis.

These free games looks like a lot of new value for Twitch Prime membership. This offer from Amazon and Twitch will truly be enjoyable to Prime users. This will also encourage more people to sign up. This way, membership will increase.

So subscribe now, if you haven’t yet, and have fun with the free games and other benefits for members.