LG has announced this week that the company’s new device, the ThinQ WK9 is now available for pre-order. The company’s ThinQ WK9 is joining Lenovo, JBL, and Sony’s devices that Google Assistant is expected to launch come summer. LG announced such information during this year’s CES.


Boasting its 8-inch screen camera, LG’s ThinQ WK9 has a camera and power speakers called “Tuned by Meridian Audio.” The LG’s smart display is powered by Qualcomm’s SD624 Home Hub Platform. Tech enthusiasts described the ThinQ WK9 as a device with two speakers with a touch screen display.


Its form can be likened to a miniature TV with what appears to be a over-sized speakers on both sides. Now, what’s amazing about this device is that it’s powered by Google Assistant. In fact, you can actually see an output using an 8-inch screen.


Regarding price, LG is planning to sell the device for $296.99 based on the online reports surfaced across the web. Another interesting note is that the device retailer branded LG KW9 as “Google Assistant Smart Speaker With Touchscreen.”


LG KW9, a powerful smart display


The company’s smart display receives verbal cues from Google Assistant. One of the features of a smart display is having a touch screen display. Users can interact with LG’s KW9, for instance, seeing recipes, videos, directions, among others.


Meanwhile, Lenovo has announced early on that its two smart displays presented at CES 2018 would be sold with prices ranging from $199 to $249, respectively. Also, JBL’s Link View is very similar to LG’s KW9 smart display because of its sizable front-facing speakers.


Apart from Lenovo, Sony has also hinted that it would also join other companies to produce smart displays. Sony, however, has yet to show a model of its smart display.