Twitter has recently a new feature that would save content for later reading. This feature called the “Bookmarks” feature has been finally rolled out this week. Online reports say that the bookmarks feature has been in testing phase since 2017.


Get to know Twitter’s Bookmark feature


Twitter’s new feature came as a result of the company’s #SaveForLater HackWeek project. The company said that the feature was requested by Twitter users who wanted to save tweets due to insufficient time.


Accordingly, the bookmark feature would solve the problem of Twitter users in using the Favorite button to save tweets considering the content of these tweets.

Although the Twitter’s new feature presented by a shaped like heart icon indicates positive sentiment. However, this is not the case always. There are times that Twitter users should return later to a tweet.


Apart from Twitter, social media giant Facebook had faced almost the same problem with its “Like” button. It can be recalled that Facebook users have also asked for a “dislike” option. But the social media app rolled out various emoticons such as love, laughter, sadness, and anger.


But in the case of Twitter, of course, the company said that it wouldn’t need to complicate its platform using various emoticons button. In fact, Twitter found an alternative to save things that users don’t actually love.


Regarding its Favorite button, Twitter users seem uncomfortable with the button’s action that would be made public. Whoever the original user who posted a tweet would be alerted that you liked his or her tweet. Your favorite action will be visible to anyone across the Twitter platform or to whoever else that interacts with that tweet.


And starting this day, Twitter users could use the bookmark feature to save tweets privately.