While it is true that Vero’s popularity is gaining attention across the web, it now receives a backlash. The now popular social media app is now at the center of controversy over the experience of its co-founder Ayman Hariri in the past.


Now, the social media app is labelled as the Facebook’s rival. Users can also use the app as an alternative to both Twitter as well as Instagram. In fact, Vero is the most downloadable app in Apple’s App Store this week.


Vero gained popularity because it lacks ads and algorithm-driven feeds that are found on Facebook. But the app’s terms of service is now in question given the revelation about the app’s co-founder Ayman Hariri.


The experience of Hariri as an executive of a Saudi construction company has triggered a local campaign against against the social media app. From there, the campaign #DeleteVero surfaced which encouraged users to delete and stop using the app.


Who is Ayman Hariri, Vero app’s co-founder?


In case you don’t know, Ayman Hariri is billionaire deputy CEO of Saudi Oger. He was the son of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, who was assassinated in 2005.Hariri’s Saudi Oger, according to a Bloomberg report, mismanaged the firm that eventually led to its closure in 2017 with at least $3.5 billion in debt.


His action left thousands of unpaid workers. Also in 2016, a Reuters report detailed Saudi Oger’s action of abandoning thousands of migrant workers in a crowded, filthy desert camp without months of back pay and with limited access to food, water or medical care.


Upon learning the reports, Vero users have expressed disappointment and outrage. Some users have also started to delete their accounts.