Tech Hacks Which Will Make Life Easier


Make Life Easier With These Tech Hacks

Make life easier with these tech tips. Our daily life and activities involve technology. Devices, gadgets, accessories, and the like are part of our daily activities. Along the road we get to encounter some problems involving technology and its products. Here are some of them and how we can solve them.

Keeping Your Earphones Tangle-free

Tangled earphones are the most common annoyance we encounter all of the time. There are ways to solve this. One of them is called the “Hook-‘em-Horns Method”. Start by holding the earbud end of the headphones against your palm with you middle and ring fingers. Then wrap the cable around your index finger and your pinkie in a figure eight pattern.

The final step is to wrap the end of the cord around the middle of this neat pile of wire. Then tuck the headphone jack to one of the loops to secure your work. Or you can just wrap your earphones around a cork. It’s much simple this way.

Longer Smartphone Battery Life

Aside from turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and shutting down background applications, there are other ways to extend your phone’s battery life. Dimming your screen’s brightness is one. You can also turn off lock screen notifications. These tips will help make your phone’s battery life longer.

DIY Phone Charging Station

Use your imagination and creativity. A do-it-yourself charging station will be a big help. Old plastic bottles can be converted into something you can put your phone into while charging. You can also recycle. Just let your imagination do the work.

Finding A Misplaced Phone

We sometimes misplace our phone. Our initial move is borrowing another phone to call your phone. Once it rings then you can find it. But what if it is on silent mode? Of you have an Android device, you can use Google Device Manager. You can do this using another device, like a laptop or tablet, to send an alert to your phone. This will bypass your phone’s silent setting. The alert will cause your device to ring until you find it.

Make Your Own Speakers

You can chooses from a lot of materials to make your own speaker. You can choose from toilet paper tubes, a cup, bowl or even a Red Bull can. Recycling is the solution. Imagination and creativity is all you need.

Hopefully these tech hacks can help you ease your burdens in facing daily tech problems. Despite the high tech devices and ways made available for us to utilize, creativity, imagination, and resourcefulness will still be a big help. This is applicable in situations where technology cannot help.