Newest SmartWatch is the Latest Invention of Modern Technology


Built-in Projector Feature in the Newest SmartWatch

More and more gadgets are released everyday which can be helpful to people. The newest release for this year is the SmartWatch which includes a built-in projector. How cool is that, ‘ayt?

Some people might ask, “What is so great about smartwatches?”. Well, for starters, you can have access to your phone’s call and messages even when you don’t have your phone with you. You’ll have some of your phone’s usage right there on your wrist.

Haier’s Asus watch was created in order to bring more life to the said device. Made with a built-in projector, you will be able to see information at the back of your hand.

It may be a huge smartwatch for some but with this kind of feature, a gadget can’t be perfectly perfect. Having the projector serves as a second screen which makes it easier for other people to see. This is great for work presentations and the such.

The gadget also supports gesture controls. Just set your settings with the gesture that you want and you’re good to go.

You can double tap the screen in order to change the displayed information. But Haier stated that the watch is still under development.

The only bad news is that the watch is still limited to fitness activities. Let’s just hope that more will come for this babe.