YouTube Mistakenly Shut Down Right-Wing Video Channels


The Site, YouTube, “Accidentally” Shut Down Some Video Channels

Youtube, a famous social networking site, announced that there was a mistake about the removals of right-wing video channels. As a result, some conservative users are having a hard time to believe and accept it. Now, the company blamed the reckless actions of the newly hired force of moderators.

A Youtube spokesperson said that they were hiring people rapidly to ramp up their policy enforcement teams until 2018. They said that they will continue to force their present policies about the harmful and dangerous content. They also added that they will reinstate any videos that were turned down.

It was reported last time that YouTube had a massive hiring of moderators. Now, these new moderators were not taught enough and removed channels which are on the so-called “right side of the fence”. The company hired employees in a rapid way. This is due to the ramping of policy reinforcement teams throughout the year 2018. Because of this massive but rushed hiring, some new moderators misapplied the policies which resulted to the removal of the affected channels.

According to the site’s spokesperson, they are doing their best to reinstate the videos that were removed by mistake.

The videos removed were filed for bullying and harassment as well as violence which are against the site’s security policies.