Alexa Echo Dot and Google Home Mini Reviews


A Kid Reviewed Alexa Echo Dot Along with Google Home Mini

Nowadays, many people are doing reviews about different kinds of gadgets and stuffs. Even I did a review about some smartphones. Just recently, a fourth grade student did a review about the Alexa Echo Dot and Google Home Mini.

It’s already usual to see adults make reviews. But what about getting a kid’s point of view about these smart speakers? Let’s look at what he did:
He had the two smart speakers along with their virtual assistants. He mentioned that these can help do a lot of things if a user wants to laze around and just stay at home.

The first thing to do is to use your iPhone to set up both devices. The kid stated that Google Home Mini is easier to set up because it only needs your voice. It also requires your name and Wi-Fi.

alexa echo dot

On the other hand, the Alexa needs more things like your name, your location, and you also need to have an Amazon Account.

He was a bit annoyed because if the home assistants don’t know the command that you gave them, they will answer with, “I can’t do that but I could keep learning”. It’s normal for kids to get annoyed by these kind of things.

He was also disappointed with Google Home Mini because when he wanted to play a quiz game about baseball, the assistant kept on repeating the same question over and over again.

Alexa was better in this baseball quiz game than Google Home Mini because it asked five questions for each round.

In general, he said that Alexa is more like talking to a real person. It could also listen and answer to other people’s voices. So for this, Alexa Echo Dot wins the game against Google Home Mini.