FOREO’s UFO Smart Mask: Celeb-Worthy Spa Treatment in 90 Seconds


Okay, smart wearables have been around for years but FOREO’s UFO-like gadget takes this to a new level by delivering celebrity spa facials in a snap. Looking like a hand-held robot, UFO actually means “Ur Future Obsession” and for those who have wanting professional salon facials but lack the time or the money to indulge, this seems like a dream come true. Quite perfect for this generation obsessed with looking good and staying youthful – something that pushed facial masks, “last year’s biggest beauty trend” to unprecedented popularity in 2017. FOREO can potentially make messy overnight masks a thing of the past, but does it deliver on its promise of smoother, energized, well-nourished skin that is sloughed off of debris and infused with rejuvenating nutrients?

FOREO’s UFO launched its Kickstarter with a modest goal of $20,000. Now, barely a month to its estimated delivery it had garnered the support of 9,474 backers raising a total of $1,572,093! Paul Peros, FOREO CEO claims that it took them four years to innovate on a product that had existed since Cleopatra’s time. Keeping skin soft, smooth, radiant and supple with a nightly regimen takes anywhere from 20 minutes upward. FOREO’s UFO slashes that down to 90 seconds of intensive treatment that will leave the skin more flawless. According to the site, all it takes are 4 easy steps:

    1. remove the transparent outer ring
    2. secure Foreo’s single-use mask in place
    3. press to activate UFO and select treatment and
    4. move around gently on your face to enjoy a spa-level facial.
The Smart Technology Behind the UFO

The UFO is all about the 360° Smart Mask Treatment that is backed by science: LED Light Technology and Hyper-infusion Technology. Hyper-infusion technology involves heating, cooling, and T-sonic pulsations to deliver professional (non-messy) spa treatment wherever you are. It is also common knowledge that Korean cosmeceuticals are the most sought-after beauty products these last few years because of proven results and refined formulation based on nature’s best essences and enzymes. FOREO leverages on their exclusive Korean mask formulas that are delivered through app-controlled treatment routines.

This smartphone-controlled device delivers essential ingredients in FOREO’s exclusive premium Korean mask formulas. Heating opens up the pores in the skin, enhancing absorption of state-of-the-art ingredients. Cooling, on the other hand, closes the pores, lifts, and firms the skin. The T-sonic pulsations deliver the nutrients even deeper into the skin for better absorption. The three different LED lights deliver different wavelengths making it not just a mask but a photofacial as well:

  • Blue Light – promotes circulation and vascularization for clearer skin; helps kill acen-causing bacteria;
  • Green Light – evens out and brightens complexion;
  • Red – stimulates collagen; anti-aging and helps diminish fine lines.

The FOREO app gives you control of settings to customize the experience with routines suitable for your skin type and condition. The total effect? Maximum benefits customized to your skin’s needs infused simply and without wasting expensive products.

The product generated a lot of interest during the recent CES event (organized by the Consumer Technology Association) and in fact, bagged Gadgetmatch’s best of CES 2018. Smart-looking, compact, rechargeable, six types of customizable therapy, and easily ordered consumable made it an instant favorite. Foolproof control of the app from your smartphone makes skincare worry-free. Cleopatra’s milk and roses routine has finally met its match.

“The FOREO UFO smart mask is changing the beauty world, one face at a time. Unmask radiant skin in only 90 seconds.”

Choose from the standard model with cryotherapy settings at $279 and the mini at $179. Sheet masks will retail for $9.99 for 7 sheets, enough to last you a week. Back it at Kickstarter for an even better deal.