Dark Souls for Nintendo Switch Beta and Amiibo Confirmed


Dark Souls Remastered

The presentation of Nintendo Direct Mini last January was put to a close with a big surprise, the Switch version of Dark Souls. The introduction of the game comes with the chance for fans to play the game even without buying it. They can sample the game even before its release. This will give fans the opportunity to have the feel of the game even before it goes out in the market.

Along with the video game itself, the Amiibo figure is on the way. This figure is based on Dark Souls. This figure is called Solaire Astora Amiibo. By scanning through the game, you will have the opportunity to do the famous “praise the sun” emote.

According to Nintendo Direct a network test beta will be released before the games launch. This will give fanatics the opportunity to play the game before its release. All the more reason for fans to be excited about this game. Another update for fans to look forward to is the remastered edition of Dark Souls for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in addition to Switch. These versions include the Artorias of the Abyss DLC and various technical improvements to the game’s resolution and framerate.

It will be due on May 25 as well as the Amiibo figure.

As always, Nintendo Direct is conducting studies and tests and is finding new ways to develop more games. Not just ordinary games but quality games for their fans. The company is always doing its best to improve their games, to make it more challenging and enjoyable for the gamers. They see to it that they get to maintain the quality of their games to protect the good name the company has worked hard for all these years. The company is always doing its best to protect and maintain the prestige and success they have gained throughout the years. We can say then that the games that this company develop is of good quality. We can then conclude that if the video games are from Nintendo, then we can be assured of playing the best games.