Why More People Are Loyal To Android Than iOS


Android over iOS? Why?

Android and iOS are operating systems used primarily in mobile technology like smartphones and tablets. Google’s Android is the most commonly used smartphone platform and is used by different phone manufacturers. iOS is only used on Apple devices like the iPhone. Android’s features are more customizable while iOS’ uniform design elements are seen to be more used friendly. If so, why are most people loyal to Android than iOS?

Here are some comparisons between the two: with customizability, Android can change almost anything while iOS is limited unless jailbroken. Android has widgets while iOS has none except on notifications. Data transfer in Android is easier compared to iOS’ more difficult and complex data transferring. Android is available on many smartphones and tablets while iOS can only be found on Apple devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and the 2nd and 3rd generation of Apple TV.

There are more differences between the two operating systems. Some of this differences are favorable to iOS while others are to Android’s advantage.

Regardless of these differences, why are more people loyal to Android than iOS?

I guess it is because of the simple reason that Android is easier to use than iOS. The common people do not have the need for iOS’ more complex features and functions. This makes it more difficult to use for ordinary people. Data transfer is simpler and easier for Androids than for iOS. Although iOS may nee preferred by people with more complex needs the fact is that there are more ordinary people with less complex needs. These are the people who are loyal to Android. These people do not look at the technical aspects or features of a gadget. As long as it can meet and satisfy their simple needs (like selfies, videos, streaming, data transfer, etcetera), they will not care what operating system is more intricate or expensive.

The reality is, despite advances in technology, most people prefer Android over iOS with the simple basic reason the Android is easier to use than iOS. Thus making them loyal to Android.