Artificial Intelligence Robots Are Up For New Tasks


Robots with Artificial Intelligence Do Jobs for People

From home assistants in smart speakers to artificial intelligence in robots, inventors are really focused on their creations. Recently, a group of invented a robot which does carpentry job.

Yes! The robot can saw wood on its own. It can’t do all carpentry jobs but it can assist a person in doing the said job. This is a big help for the custom-making of furniture. It could also help with the fittings in an easier and faster way.

AutoSaw is made up of two parts: the design software and semi-autonomous robot.


Users of the said invention can just choose a template of a furniture that they want. The, they can adjust its size and design by tweaking on the displayed choices and poof! The robot will do the job for them.

But of course, the robot only saw the wood according to the user’s preference. In the end, it is still the user’s job to put everything together. The good thing? You won’t have to worry about the wood not fitting because of miscalculations.


The process is basic and very limited. With only four templates to choose from, the users won’t have much of a choice. It is also the user’s job to set up the robot and lay down the wood which will be cut.

Another feature is the robot jigsaw. But it is still under development and could not cut wood. Instead, it could cut foam board.

Inventors said that even with these flaws, it is just the start. With everything upgrading and improving, it is expected that this robot is going to be better in the years to come.

This invention shows that people’s job can be easier and faster with the help of modern technology.