Avid fans of Black Ops III were delighted to hear the news of the game’s new content. Black Ops III new content is a Redwood map. The map was released back on March 5 while the game’s infected game mode is set to be accessible on March 6.


Why Black Ops III DLC is beautiful?


In case you don’t know, Black Ops series, which is the third instalment, has offered players a lot of post-launch contents added to the game’s supply drops. In fact, players can actually collect several weapons and gears.


Apart from this Black Ops III has also maintained an active player base. Several players are enjoying playing the game’s Infected and latest Redwood Snow map. A Kotaku report said that 48 percent of the players on March 6 was said to be enjoying the game’s playlists.


While players enjoy the concept of “infecting” other players. Black Ops III players have also demanded before that the Infected mode will be added in Call of Duty: WWII. The game’s Infected mode works if one player was infected and it kills other players to infect other players.


Moreover, avid fans of Black Ops III described the bonus map, the Redwood in Winter, among others, as a beautiful treat. They further said that Redwood Snow map shares the same similarity with Redwood. This includes the lay-out, among others.


Also, the the game’s Frozen Forest was a dramatic theme in the Black Ops III campaign. Some Youtube users have also been searching for clues using the Redwood Snow.