Samsung Galaxy A8 impressions: For those who are dying to have S8


Samsung Galaxy A8 impressions released, the perfect replica of Samsung S8

Samsung released the impressions for the Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018). It’s like the perfect replica of the S8. For those who are on a tight-budget but wanted to have an S8, this one is for you.

There’s a lot of units compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8 that came after it. But this became so popular because there’s nothing else in the market that looked like it. And it has the performance you’d want out of a flagship. But not all of us can afford this amazing phone. It was released at P38, 000 (more or less $750) last year for the standard model. But still, we want it so bad.

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)

Nearly a year after the S8’s launch, Samsung released a device that gives you the S8 experience. This is the 2018 version of the Galaxy A8.

The price is only at P27, 000 ($540) and comes with S8’s “Infinity Display”. Which is the 18 5:9 aspect ratio display and it has the DNA of the S8. It also has the same build quality and a very similar feel especially at the back. And it even has an always-on display like the Samsung flagships. The A8 is really a doppelganger of the S8.

However, once you open up the screen, you’ll figure that it’s totally a different one. There’s no glass curving right up to the sides. The top and bottom bezels will feel relatively thick. But don’t get me wrong, it still looks good. This is just an observation based on the look of the S8 rather than A8’s criticism. Barring any comparison to the higher-priced models, the A8 does look pretty good enough.

The Specs

The A8 has Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant, but it doesn’t have the dedicated Bixby button. It also has a face recognition, IP68 water and dust-resistance. When it comes to the memory, the A8 sports a 4GB RAM and 6GB for the A8+ version. Its standard memory is 32GB and 64GB for the plus. The A8 has an octa-core processor too. And my favorite part here is that, it gives you the same quality photos like the S8. It comes with a great saturation, colors and sharpness. The A8 also takes the S8’s interface along with the same buttons.

Moreover, if I were to buy a phone that looks like the S8, I would choose the A8 compared to other units. It has the same performance and you can’t even see the difference from afar. Samsung Galaxy A8 is a great addition to the Galaxy line up.