For two years, there have been major changes occurred in Rainbow Six Siege. The changes are, in fact, very significant for players. One of the changes is the game’s Operator number including the map count.


If you are a gamer, you will notice that the Operator number and the map count have been doubled. Also, Rainbox Six Siege’s strategies have evolved to improve the gamers experience.


Rainbow Six Siege’s Alien Outbreak Mode


And despite these changes, avid players of Rainbow Six Siege still enjoy shootings guns and same villains in various combinations. But the Outbreak event of Operation Chimera is actually the first PvE update Siege that it has received since launch.



According to players, the PvE update Siege is no different to any aspect of the game that they have experienced before. In fact, the March 6 is actually a one-month co-op event.


The March 6 event allows you and your other members to team up to fight against an alien invasion. The game’s setting is in New Mexico town of Truth or Consequences.


In addition, gamers will embark in three missions. These missions are called as Hospital, Junkyard and Resort.


You can pick these missions from new Operators Lion and Finka. Not only that, but you can also pick from veterans Smoke, Ash, Doc, Glaz, Kapkan, Tachanka, Buck, Ying, among others.