Both Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL owners went online to complain about the overheating of their devices. Aside from overheating, they also complained about devices’ lower battery life.


Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL owners attributed the issues they experience to Google’s security patch rolled out this month of February. To date, search giant Google did not release any statement.


Pixel 2 owners report battery , overheating problem


The search giant has yet to issue an official statement. Users have narrated their experiences on social media platforms. You will read their experiences on Reddit, Twitter and the product forums of Google Pixel 2.


Pixel 2 owners said their experiences vary. Others have reported that their phones are warmer even in standby mode. Other users experienced an increased in heat when they used the device actively for sending text messages and checking emails.


What we know so far is that the overheating and low battery life issues are not related to software problem. This is the claim made by community specialists of Google.


“Hello, because the issue persists even after a factory data reset it could indicate a battery or hardware problem. Please contact Pixel Support and work directly with them,” a Google’s community specialists wrote.


Meanwhile, 9to5Google reported that Google’s recent update has “taken a hit on the stellar battery life that Google’s latest flagships have provided.”