A San Francisco law firm has filed another class-action lawsuit against search giant Google. This comes after Google Pixel and Pixel XL users complained about the microphone defects in 2016.

Pixel owners files class-suit against Google


The case stemmed when Patricia Weeks of Florida and Waleed Anbar, both residents of California both the smartphones two years ago. But a month after they purchased, they found out the defective microphone on Google Pixel handsets.


Reports claim that the case, Weeks v. Google was filed on Tuesday in a federal court in San Jose, California. Both the plaintiffs said that they approached the search giant’s customer service but the company declined to refund or replace their defective Google Pixel handsets.


“Dr. Weeks did not know that the Pixel phones had defective microphones when she bought her phone. Had Google disclosed the defect to her, she would not have bought a Pixel or would have paid substantially less for it,” a portion of the complaint reads.



Weeks told Google that she was within her one-year warranty. Weeks informed the search giant back in March 2017, just three months after she bought her Pixel handset. Meanwhile, Anbar purchased his phone back in December 2016 and informed Google last month this year.


In response, Google said that the defective microphone was due “a hairline crack in the solder connection on the audio codec.” The company said that the best fix of the problem was to have an under-warranty fix.



The issue about the Pixel handset surfaced shortly after Google launched when Pixel users reported experiencing a defect on the handsets microphones. As of posting, Google has yet to issue a response on the issue.