Apple’s HomePod Is Great But iOS Users Only GetsTo Enjoy This


Apple’s HomePod is a great new speaker from Apple, but only Apple users can fully enjoy it.

Apple’s HomePod is the newest home gadget from the Apple Company. When it comes to features, the HomePod has excellent bass and sounds really great. It has consistently superior sound quality across a wide variety of music genres. The speaker is very easy to set up and has a friendly interface. And Siri can hear you from across the room.

But the thing here is that, the Apple’s HomePod is stuck with Apple-only audio services when using voice commands.

The HomePod only works mainly on iOS. Some key features, like multi-room audio and stereo pairing is not yet available but it’s coming very soon. Siri and HomeKit lack Alexa and the Google Assistant’s polish and device compatibility.

This promising speaker is at $349 and it won’t reach the public for another week or so. It is a fabric mesh-wrapped speaker available in two color variants – space gray and white. It weighs a hefty 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg). Its 6.8 inches tall and 5.6 inches wide (170 x 40 mm). It relies on a single, two-prong power cord, which you can plug into any standard outlet.

Apple’s HomePod is not even a secret because it’s actually been in the works for six years. “Our goal is always to be best. That’s what matters most. Sometimes that means you’re first; sometimes it means you’re not. That’s OK. In the long scheme of life it doesn’t matter. What matters is doing the best thing”, Phil Schiller, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing said during a tour of Apple’s audio lab.

If you want to buy HomePod, you have to consider some key points here. It’s only limited to Apple’s music services, smart home products and operating system. One example here is that, you can’t play music directly from Spotify or any other third-party music services. Moreover, the HomePod has some limited sharing features as of now. But Apple’s expected to release a lot of updates to make theHomePod experience a great one.

Apple’s HomePod is a great new addition to the Apple gadgets line-up but it won’t slay Amazon Alexa out of the gate. But if you’re an iPhone user, you may want to consider this speaker.