Are you a fan of Payday 2? The game’s studio Starbreeze Studios has recently made a huge buzz online. This as the gaming studio hinted about its Nintendo Switch port, promising a unique gaming experience.

Having said that, avid gamers of Payday 2 are expecting the official game releases later this month of February. Polygon reported that the game’s publishers noted the Payday 2 has only been updated. But Starbreeze Studios said this is only for the game’s Switch version launches.


Payday 2 on Nintendo Switch: Here’s what you need to know


The developer added that the players could still enjoy the full original game. This includes the game’s support for multiple players so that it won’t alter the gamers’ gaming experience. However, the game won’t be updating all the downloadable content.


As pointed out by the developer, the game would only be based on the older version’s content. This would include the Most Wanted update. In case you don’t know, the Most Wanted update is actually tantamount to the game’s content released back in mid-2017 on PC.

Rest assured, they are still coming but Starbreeze further noted that they opted for older version for them to release the game for Switch in time for the fifth anniversary of the series. It added that it “had to go with the content ported and available at the time of console submission” to meet the aforesaid timeframe.


Meanwhile, Switch owners would still be able to get the content to make the game complete. This as Starbreeze vowed that Payday 2 would be getting a “future content updates.” The developer, however, did not give any timeframe for this matter. Switch owners are just hoping that the developer would release new updates after the game releases.

Payday 2 is expected to be released on Nintendo Switch on February 27.