Fitt360 Can Record 360-Degree Video


Fitt360 lets you record 360-degree video from your point of view

The physical look of the Fitt360 is somehow odd. It looks like those chunky wireless earbud bands around your neck. But the difference is, instead of having built-in headphones, it has three built-in cameras around it.

The Fitt360 comes from Linkflow, a company that got its start inside Samsung’s C-Lab product incubator. But it became a standalone company later on. This wearable camera device is Linkflow’s first products. Fitt360 has been on Kickstarter for close to a month. But the company released a prototype for people to try before the actual release. The prototype was kinda chunkier and not that polished than the final product. But still, its main function, which is to record videos around you in 360-degree view really works.

Linkflow is planning to have a live-streaming function of the camera. Though it has now an existing feature where you can connect the camera to your smartphone. And not only that, you may also share it elsewhere. And you may also swipe it around on your smartphone to change the camera’s point of view. Or just moving the phone around in space as though it were your head.

The company doesn’t envision you to use it on a day-to-day basis. It’s very much preferred to use if you’re travelling to take photos you want to remember. Also, this one is pretty good to use if you’re hiking. So that you don’t need to worry about people to feel uncomfortable that you’re filming. It’s very simple to use. You just press a little button on the neckband to start and stop recording. A green light will then light up to indicate that it’s already filming. The Fitt360 is comfortable to use because it has two little braces that slope inward. And it gently hugs your neck so that it will not bounce around.

The Fitt360 is expected to be released on Kickstarter late next week. The price is kinda expensive. It will start at $400 for the early bird and $600 when it launches later this year.