It’s the Year of the Dog! And the game developer of Overwatch has already kicked off this year with an event. Overwatch’s Lunar New Year Event is actually a game’s iteration that was conducted last 2017. Now, the game’s recent update brings new content for several gaming console platforms like Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


Overwatch Year Of The Dog Event


With the new update, Overwatch fans would be getting the game’s new skins. In fact, developer would be rolling out a total of six new skins. These new skins include Genji, Mercy, Zarya, and Pharah, among others.


Also, the game’s new update brings more than 50 new seasonal items that players can collect. Players could take a peek at the game’s new Year of the Dog Legendary skins in a gallery. They could also take advantage of this as the Overwatch’s Lunar New Year Event runs until March 5.


Apart from the skins, the update includes a map called as the Ayutthaya. The map is actually set in Asia’s Thailand. Gamers said that the Ayutthaya map is the game’s first Overwatch map for specifically Capture the Flag.


The game developer further noted that the game’s flag went several revisions already as part of the update. This means that players could actually pick a flag and eventually drooped when they used a specific abilities.


However, the game’s update has also a fan-requested feature. This feature gives players an opportunity to change skins of any given character before they could start a match. This can be done from the Assemble Your Team screen and players continue to gather increasingly large collections of skins.