Rumor: Samsung To Ditch Its S-Series Naming Scheme?


Samsung is planning to drop the Samsung Galaxy S-series naming scheme, a source privy to the company’s plan revealed on Thursday.


Samsung ditches its S-Series naming scheme


According to the source, the dropping of naming scheme would be evident in Samsung’s 10th generation “Galaxy S series” in 2019. This means that the company would no longer name its smartphones having the SX scheme.


For its part, Samsung reasoned out that the company wanted to have a simpler naming scheme. By doing so, the company wanted to avoid naming the devices with the usual SX in the coming months.


But tech users emphasized that dropping the SX naming scheme was actually Samsung’s calculated move against Apple Inc. It can be recalled that Samsung’s rival, Apple has changed the way its naming iPhones. Recently, Apple has named its iPhone as an “X series.”


To date, Samsung has not yet released any information why it suddenly imposed changes in their naming scheme. What is clear though is that Samsung vowed that it would improve its Galaxy flagship devices with a new naming scheme.


For now, Samsung users would be available to find out if this rumor is true. The company is planning to unveil its latest flagship, the Galaxy S9 on February 25. The company’s SX naming scheme has been around for 8 years. The company started naming its device in Galaxy S in 2010 with Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8 back in 2017.