Gaming enthusiasts of Final Fantasy XV could now enjoy playing the game on their Android smartphones. Final Fantasy XV fans could now download the game at Google Play Store.


This comes from Square Enix Co., Ltd has reportedly left the pre-registration section of the Google Play Store. However, players are informed that the popular game is not completely free. The game developer said that players would pay for some in-app purchases.


Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Arrives At Google Play


The game’s first chapter can be downloaded for free at no cost. Gamers should purchase the succeeding chapters after they played the first chapter of the game. If players are planning to make a in-app game purchases, prices range from $0.99 to $19.99. So if gamers want to completely play the 10 chapters of the game, they should pay $9.


Moreover, players can take advantage of the Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition’s simplified gameplay. This works by simply tapping only a simple action that involves moving to entering a battle.


The game’s gameplay in the mobile version is different from the game’s console version. The difference is evident in the game’s graphics since the game developer has reworked it to make it more suitable for the smartphones.



Also, Final Fantasy XV’s gameplay mechanics could be easily recognized especially from players who are fond of playing role-playing games. Regarding the game’s specs, the mobile version of the game requires only at least 2GB of RAM or higher. The game could also consume a storage space of at least 5GB of storage for the low-resolution version of the game to function.