LikelyAI: Popularity Predictor Tool for Influencers on Instagram


If you’ve ever wondered if your photos will be popular (or a dud) on Instagram LikelyAI, a photo-sharing social media marketing app takes the guesswork out and can predict just how you’ll fare. Available as a download on Google Play and the Apple Store, it’s perfect for the average Joe and Jane who needs to choose hashtags and filters, and even more helpful for influencers who care about popularity ratings.

A European start-up now based in Birmingham, Alabama, LikelyAI was founded by Slovak entrepreneurs Jozef Marko, Lukas Ruttkay, and Michal Korbela. Supported by Velocity Accelerator, it uses AI-based algorithm to predict the popularity of images in social media and advertising. Just how credible are they? They are former Facebook and Google employees who obviously know numbers and trends.

This concept was debuted by CorneaAI in 2017, but LikelyAI has since then overtaken the competition. Back in 2014, Aditya Khosla and company studied image popularity in social media. Their paper at MIT used deep-learning which is pretty much how LikelyAI predicts preferences using:

  • image content (gist, texture, color, gradient),
  • social factors (number of friends, number of photos uploaded), and
  • other information (tags etc.).

Seemingly a precursor to the app, The CSAIL MIT study categorized image appeal based on strong positive, medium positive, and negative. Typically, miniskirts, pandas, and revolvers (!) scored high while the more “nerdy” stuff like laptops, scored low.In the same manner, LikelyAI leveraging on AI technology analyses multiple data points from the array of photos based on “objects, colors, emotions, shapes, lighting, size, and position”. What is the implication? Pretty similar to eye-tracking findings, images that were well-lit, highly colored, and with emotional impact are favored.

LikelyAI optimizes connections by “exploiting your Instagram” by:

  • choosing the right photo to increase post engagement by 10% and above,
  • cutting human error through greater objectivity based on algorithm results of over a million images,
  • getting more leads.

You simply choose a bunch of pictures from your gallery and let LikelyAI’s algorithm do the work for you. It will pick the photo that’s like going to get more likes, generate more comments, and engage your audience longer.

These days, everyone (not just your favorite blogger) has this incredible appetite to share posts and an even bigger addiction for “likes”. While the self-affirmation trend seems petty, it’s extremely important to social media marketers with products to sell and brands to promote.

Gain Insight:

We’ll sort your photos and display results, giving you quantitative insights on photo’s emotions, objects, and colors.

– LikelyAI

Does it work? See for yourself by taking LikelyAI for a spin that promises results in 2 minutes using this link.I tried it and the first task was to select 3 images that were “likely” to be popular. This was a piece of cake since I already had tips on what matters to viewers.

My 3 picks on pictures that would perform best:

Looks like I DO need LikeAI to get more views! Machine wins this round. I only got 1 image correct out of 3 likely to become popular.

I thought I got it right when choosing the most interesting picture that would captivate the audience enough to like, comment, buy or share. Apparently, not and getting LikelyAI will raise my popularity by 56%! It seems as my human bias got expressions, positions, patterns, and colors all wrong. Wouldn’t it be nice to choose the right photo in a snap and upload to Instagram in a click where it will engage minions?

“The objects on the image, various color patches or emotions on the picture plays the role. Our neural network trained on million of images predicts the popularity.”

The nice thing about it is that is can analyze your own Instagram and that of your company for free. Though the CorneaAI hashtag function is sorely missed, LikelyAI is still a valuable tool – one that truly comes handy in the enterprise setting when you want to catch the utmost attention of followers.