GroBox Hydroponics: Turn Your Home Into a Plug-and-Play Greenhouse


If you don’t have a green thumb but have always longed for home-grown salads, then GroBox is the awesome product that’s perfect for you. It’s also the healthy option for those who ended up decorating homes with synthetic plants that emit off-gas instead of oxygen. With its universal appeal, it’s no surprise that GroBox, the digital innovation that lets you grow your own food within the confines of your house automatically, enjoyed pre-sales that were eight times its crowd-funding goal at Kickstarter! Based on the demographics, most of the supporters came from a small-household, with men outnumbering women 3:1.

“Our main Goal with the Grobox One is to help everyone grow their own plants indoors + Hydroponically. NO pesticides, no GMOS, no fertilizers.”

(Photo from GroBox)

The idea seduces – self-watering, soiless, worry-free, and best of all edible. Utilizing smart hydroponics technology takes the uncertainty out of the equation. A thoroughly efficient and infallible system, GroBox hastens growth, increases production, and uses 2/3 less water through:

  • self-watering cycles (using Ebb and Flow technology) that provide just the right amount of moisture;
  • controlled air-flow (with 90 mm fans that circulate air 60 times per hour);
  • complete nutrition;
  • clay pellets in place of soil (absorbs uniformly), and
  • LED grow lights that ensure proper lighting, whatever the weather or season. The system composed of 64 3 watt LED lights of varying colors is so intelligent that it covers the sunlight spectrum and can customize settings depending on the plant’s growth stage. The LED light system mimics the sun and “knows” when your plant is in the growing or flowering state – that means, you can have your succulent tomatoes in winter! It also means that your baby greens have an optimized environment that is different from that intended for older, ready-for-the-picking ones.

Having the kale of your dreams is now a reality – and GroBox ensures that there are no mishaps like over-watering which predisposes to root rot, undernourishment that leads to stunted growth, underexposure to the sun resulting to yellowing, and lack of soil moisture that’s practically the kiss of death. It’s a year-round affair, is scalable, and portable (only 18.7″ on top with a height of 46″) and so you can bring it along when you move!

It looks like a terrarium, but it really is closer to a miniature greenhouse that is so convenient and fuss-free that you only need to change the water once a week. it can also absorb odors through a carbon filter that only needs to get changed every 4-6 months.

It’s hydroponics made ridiculously simple and accessible to just about anyone who wants a spot of green within reach. In just 4 easy steps you’re on the path to growing your own sustainable food supply even if you don’t have outdoor garden space or the experience. Plants upto 30″ can be grown here and not to worry if these grow tall because extensions in increments of 12” can be added on. Safe hydroponic fertilizer is used (not the toxic chemical variety) but you can also opt for other brands. According to GroBox these are all you need to do:

  1. Select a place for your GroBox One.
  2. Pour filtered water upto the fill line and add in the clay pebbles.
  3. Place in a clipping or a clone of the plant you’d like to grow.
  4. Sit back and watch your plant grow and flourish.

Practically a no-brainer, the only things easier to raise are wheatgrass heads and seeds embedded in paper wrapping or stationery. The company is true to its claim that GroBox is “GroDifferent and is No Bullshit Growing.”

There is a caveat though. GroBox is expensive and comes in many permutations, depending on your budget. If it’s minimalistic design (a very pleasing eye candy, for sure) and the peace-of-mind of knowing where the food you eat comes from is what you’re after (pesticide free), the GroBox is perfect. But if you are cost-conscious then you’ll probably feel that you’re better off sourcing your greens at the farmer’s market.

“We want to change how people think about their food – where it comes from, how it’s grown, and what goes into it.”

GroBox is sustainable and environmentally sound because it uses less water, consumes very little power (only 180W max), and steers clear of harmful chemicals. There are 9 combinations of water and lighting settings but smart as it is, there is NO app on the horizon because automating the system is easily done through the control panel. Simplicity is indeed part of its appeal!

GroBox is also about choices, individuality, empowerment, and access. It is a product but also a personal statement. There are 13 days to go. You still have time to join the 432 backers and be among those whose wish will come true December 2018.