Breathe Smart: Samsung Cube Modular Air Purifier


The electronics appliance market is inundated with a gamut of air purifiers because it is a fact that the air we breathe indoors is heavily polluted with a variety of viruses, bacteria, allergens, and dander – all practically undetected unless associated with foul or distinctive odor. Crowded as it seems with high-tech models of all shapes, sizes, and capacities, Samsung a global leader (#15 out of 2000 top corporations) has come up with yet another model, the Cube Modular Air Purifier. Since its launch February 8, 2018, in its home ground Korea, it has been wowing buyers with its quiet, windless technology.

Samsung, known for its smartphones, television, and refrigerators has long been obsessed with the word Cube. Today, its latest entry into the air purifier market could easily be mistaken for a speaker. Predicted to be a big hit in homes and business establishments, it can be customized based on room size and intended use. Simply stack these modular components or separate and bring to another room without using any special tool.

Its modular cube design with curved edges, elegant grey/black color, and metallic body is a sleek complement to any type of architecture. Samsung is slated to release 7 models based on the globally recognized technology that has made it top-ranked in the Global Customer Satisfaction Competency Index, 12 years running. What makes Cube stand out from the older purifiers? It is made with windless technology so you can say goodbye to noise and drafts that spoil an otherwise peaceful sleep. It also makes the work environment more professional and less distracting. No more shouting above the din to be heard when you are watching television with the family.

There is more to like. The Cube is an IoT device that communicates through Wi-Fi networks so users can control settings remotely and it has an improved filter “saver” that doubles the longevity of filters. Models start from $790 and expected to hit the stores Feb. 19. According to Samsung’s vice president of digital appliances business, Yeen Seok Jin, “We will continue to improve the degree of consumer satisfaction and brand value through Samsung Cube that adopted the innovative concept.”